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• We believe that every child deserves the right to grow up in a loving and supportive family environment and that the best interest of each individual child should be paramount.

• We support the delivery of ethical, professional, transparent and efficient adoption services including adequate pre and post adoption services.

• We support the adoption of children with special needs, older children and sibling groups.

• We support articles 20 and 21 of the UN Convention on the Right of the Child - click to view

• We support the Hague Convention on the Protection of Children and Cooperation in respect of Intercountry Adoption - click to view

• We support UNICEFs position on inter-country adoption - click to view



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ADOPTION AUSTRALIA – RECOMMENDATIONS TO THE PM - (click here to view PM press release)

  • ADOPTION AUSTRALIA asks that the development of new Intercountry adoption program be initiated, led and managed by adoption accredited agencies.

  • ADOPTION AUSTRALIA asks that a clear process be established for the accreditation of adoption agencies and that seed funding be made available to help the agencies seeking accreditation, to meet the accreditation standards.

  • ADOPTION AUSTRALIA is asking the Government to appoint an independent body, National Adoption Bureau, to oversee adoptions, accredit adoption organisations, endorse country to country agreements proposed by accredited bodies and take on the role of a Central Authority.

  • ADOPTION AUSTRALIA is asking Government to take ownership of adoption at a Federal level to address inconsistencies in state legislation, policies and procedures. Australia needs a whole of government approach to policy and legislation for adoption.

  • ADOPTION AUSTRALIA is asking the Government to introduce a One Door approach to recruitment, preparation, assessment, training and support for prospective parents. ADOPTION AUSTRALIA asks for a child focused system, which provides the best parents for a child in need of a family, and removes any discrimination on who that family can be.

  • ADOPTION AUSTRALIA is asking the Government to provide equitable right and legal support for adopted children and adoptive parents as for birth children and parents.
  • ADOPTION AUSTRALIA asks that the Government provide funding for supported post placement services.
  • ADOPTION AUSTRALIA asks the Government to reduce the financial burden imposed on adoptive families by waiving the Visa immigration fee for adopted children and providing a tax allowance for adoption expenses.

  • ADOPTION AUSTRALIA asks that legislation and processes be introduced to ensure rights of immigration, birth certificates, visa's and citizenship for children adopted by expats and not through State Department Intercountry adoptions.


These recommendations are endorsed by the following organisations:

  • Australian Families for Children Inc (NSW)
  • Australians Caring for Children Inc (NSW)
  • Special Needs Adoption Australia (national)
  • The Adoption and Permanent Care Association of NSW Inc (NSW)
  • Adoption Australia (National)
  • Adoption Awareness Australia (National)
  • The Curry Club (Adoptive Fathers Support Network) (National)
  • ASIAC Tasmania
  • Friends of FANA (NSW)
  • Australian African Children's Aid and Support Association (AACASA) (National)
  • South Australian Chinese Adoption Support (SACAS) (SA)
  • AICAN - Australian Intercountry Adoption Network (National)

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The House of Representatives Standing Committee on Family and Human Services resolved on 16 February 2005 to conduct an inquiry into the adoption of children from overseas after reviewing the 2003-2004 Annual Report of the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare. 

The committee determined its terms of reference, giving particular emphasis to identifying any inconsistencies between state and territory approval processes for overseas adoptions and any inconsistencies between the benefits and entitlements provided to families for birth children as distinct from adopted children. 

There has been a massive decline in the number of adoptions in Australia in the last 35 years. In fact, the total number of local adoptions per annum has dropped from a peak in 1971-72 of over 9,000 to 73 in 2003-04. Intercountry adoption is now the dominant form of adoption in Australia. By 2003-04 intercountry adoptions represented some three quarters of total adoptions and run at 300-400 adoptions per year. By contrast, there are tens of thousands of children in foster care or other forms of out of home care. It is also significant that increasing numbers of children are being born as a result of Assisted Reproductive Technology, such as IVF (6,800 IVF live births in 2002).

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By 2008, the Federal Attorney General was yet to implement most of the recommendations approved by the government.


Adoption Australia launched a Petition to lobby the Federal Attorney General. 

The petition and the comments submitted by members of the public on this page.

Since than, although many of the recommendations have been implemented there are still a number that are yet to be addressed.

In addition, the number of countries Australians can adopt from are decreasing as are the number of children granted adoption visas and little is being on building relationships with existing programs and establishing new programs.


Latest updates from the Attorney General Department

13 Feb 2013 - update on the status of the recommendations - click to view

21 Jun 2013 - updated regarding recommendation 11 - click to view

Recommendation 11
The Attorney-General approach the relevant ministers in the states and territories and request they amend their legislation for the registration of births so that adoptions completed overseas recognised by Australian law will be registered and lead to the issue of a birth certificate. (para 4.64)